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About Us

Carlos Sotolongo - Inventor & CEO

Our DpitPro™ Products were conceived, designed and built by Carlos. He was picked as a work study program student by IBM Research Center in Yorktown Heights NY, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. Carlos has a fundamental background in the construction field, including owning an Electric Contracting Company (Sunrise Electric), all by the age of 30. He also owns and operates a business in the Automobile Industry: Paintless Dent Repair (Dent Star USA).

Carlos is a Genial Inventor. His forte is in making things simple, he has a unique common sense in finding the root causes of problems and their solutions through empirical testing. His passion is particularly strong in making friendly products that enhance the life of human beings in their homes, communities and that contribute to ecological sustainability.


The DpitPro™ - Hands Free Utility Bucket

The fundamental contribution of our DpitPro Products is to make your painting jobs safer, faster, and easier with the highest level of efficiency in the process.

Product features and benefits

The DpitPro is a great product for professionals, do-it-yourselfers and home owners alike. DpitPro holds a generous 2 quarts of paint comfortably. It features multiple moving and adjustable magnets that are designed for securing paint brushes, rollers and other tools. It has multiple height adjustments as well as easily removable belt clip that swivel and can hang anywhere; making it an easy multipurpose handsfree bucket. You can use the DpitPro to soak brushes overnight for easier cleanup, or to keep essential tools together and readily accessible so you can get the job done. The DpitPro can be used for any number of other purposes: small battery drill and screws for gutter installation and repair; Gardening, Landscaping, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, almost endless possibilities!

There is no competition on the market today for the DpitPro. Our unique, patented product design can hang off your belt (or your ladder!) and hold the paint, paint brush and paint roller to save you countless trips up and down a ladder. The DpitPro is hands free, making you safer and more secure when going up and down ladders. You can be fully compliant with the OSHA rule of having 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times; creating a safer environment at all heights and helping to preventing injuries. With the DpitPro you finish the job quicker with less bending and less trips up and down the ladder.

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